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I watched Maleficent the other day, then yesterday I watched Sleeping Beauty again. I've got "Once upon a Dream" stuck in my head now.
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Why are neither of the local cinemas showing Belle?
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Why do I have the desire to go to Walt Disney World for my birthday (in March)?
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Is only one season of The Practice available on DVD?
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But there was no mail and it was too quiet down town.
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You know how we were talking about spoilers the other day? Channel 7 had an ad for Criminal Minds that basically said "one more week until the season finale, who is going to die?" Did they really have to tell us that one of the characters would?
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Is anybody else annoyed by hotmail changing to outlook?

BTW, to everybody who celebrates Easter, Happy Easter and I hope you have a lovely day. (Of course a lovely day to everyone else too!)
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Merry Christmas to those that didn't see my message on facebook.

My nana has had shingles so she gave us money for Christmas. What could I get for $40? The only thoughts I've had are DVDs of the lastest season of a TV show I like or digital scales or perhaps a couple of trellises for the garden.
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It's apparently the 100th anniversary of Charles Addams birth (the cartoonist who created the Addams Family). You learn something from google every day. Does anybody else think it would be cool if the 'e' Uncle Fester has in his mouth lit up?
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You know that you've been thinking about Egypt too much when you dream that you're going back to hospital parking and the sign says:

Late Parking
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I was looking through the Early Settler/Recollections catalogue in the paper when this chandelier caught my eye: Austin Rose

So I looked up the Beacon Lighting website and the closest in looks and price was this.

I'm tempted to get one to replace the horrid 70s chandelier/pendant in the lounge room that is extremely difficult to change the light globes, or to put aside if I ever own my own house. Would you go for one of them, or something more like this?


Sep. 13th, 2011 03:27 pm
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The other day my parents came to my place and whilst they were here mum looked for a dress for a wedding they had been invited to. I ended up buying a dress too: Read more... )

If I bought these shoes from Forever New would they go together? I also love these heels from there as well.
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A question for my friends who are knitters - how do you increase the number of stitches in a row? But not the make 1 method (the book has two different abbreviations for increasing and make 1).

It turns out my cousin is having twins, so instead of making a baby blanket I was planning to make a teddy bear, a plush rabbit and two pairs of booties. And I tried to start the bear last night, but just couldn't get it right - I'd either end up with the yarn wrapped twice around the right needle in the one stitch or three stitches instead of the two.

Also the pattern is for a 4 ply baby yarn that is supposed to be used double, but I have left over 8 ply baby yarn. Does that mean that I can use that as usual or do I have to bite the bullet and buy two balls of the other yarn?
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I've just finished crocheting a beret out of pink, blue and green twisted wool and my former neighbour said I should knit a scarf out of the remainder of the wool. So I'm currently knitting a 2x2 rib scarf that will have a fringe at both ends.

Spotlight had Moda Vera Blissful at $1.50 a ball, so I (hopefully) bought enough of the blue to make a jumper.

That leads me to the question about baby blankets. Both my cousin and one of my friends from university are pregnant and I wanted to make something for them. There's a pattern for a knitted blanket on the back of the label of the wool I bought (for each blanket two 250g balls of a variegated baby wool), but I like the look of this crochet pattern that I found. Which would you go for? (If I did knit, could I add an applique of a bear to the bottom?)
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Shem, have you seen How It Should Have Ended's Harry Potter clip? I think you'd like it.
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For my LJ friends who aren't on facebook, happy Easter! (if you do celebrate)


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