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You know you've been working too long/hard in palliative care when you read CREMATION instead of CONFIRMATION. You know you're really tired when you try putting your Metcard (public transport ticket) into the ATM instead of your debit card.

In other news I saw David McAllister (see icon) today. I walked into Borders to see whether they had any travel journals and thought that the person at the self-service search computer near the special orders/service counter looked like him. It was confirmed a few minutes later when I gave up looking in with the calendars and turned around to find him walking towards me in another section. I was too shy to say anything though, so I just smiled at him.

My travel plans for 2008 are progressing, but there are still a couple of things I wanted to ask about. Read more... )
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If brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, what would a late lunch/early dinner (or tea) be? Linner? Lunner? Lea?

I haven’t updated in a while. Work has been horrid – am so sick of ED. Just glad that I’ve got leave coming up in a couple of weeks.

My Egypt trip is getting closer and closer. On Wednesday I took my visa application into the travel agents. On Friday I got my vaccinations. Now all I need is the travel documents (hopefully this week?). Is there anything that you think I might need for the trip that I can ask my parents to give me for my birthday?

Yesterday I saw Don Quixote, which was very enjoyable. What do you think of the poster for Pirates of Penzance that I saw in the Arts Centre?

poster )
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I decided that there was no way I was going to make the train that would get me to the 8am Case discussions, so I'm going to write in LJ instead.

Are there any Get Smart fans on my flist? Isn't it sad that Don Adams died over the weekend? Smart was a big part of my childhood.

Just wondering whether anybody has ever watched Raymonda on video or DVD? I received my subscription information from the Australian Ballet for next year and the version they're doing has been moved from the time of the crusades to Hollywood in the 50s. Whilst I think I might go to it, I've been wanting to see the traditional version for ages - ever since I saw the photo of it in this illustrated children's encyclopedia we had. None of the libraries I belong to have it, (except perhaps Victorian College of the Arts, which is a branch of my uni) and nor does the ABC shop sell it. Amazon appears to have two versions - the Bolshoi and a Nureyev version (therefore Paris Opera Ballet?). If I'm going to have to order it from there I would like to buy the one I'm most likely to enjoy.

What a day!

Sep. 4th, 2004 06:44 pm
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Random thoughts when checking email this morning: )

Today I made the silly mistake of going up Sydney Road in the middle of the day. Of course this would only make sense to people who know Melbourne, but I'll put it another way. Going up was fine, but coming back the tram was stuck behind a whole heap of traffic. Didn't get back to the market until 2pm. Managed to buy apples for the week, but the butchers were shutting up shop. And I didn't have time to go to Bloch and get any jazz pants.

So I ended up wearing the leotards with tights, with cargo pants and a cardigan over the top until I got there. I suppose I sort of was an odd one out, but there was an older woman (older than me at any rate) who was wearing a ballet skirt, so I guess it wasn't too bad. I think we exasperated poor Colin Peasley a few times by tangling the ribbons, but he joked we should be made honorary members of the company, so I guess he wasn't that frustrated. He's an amusing person and it was fun to do, so we all had a good time.

Well, I'm going to a cocktail party, so I suppose I'd better go.
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(The girl runs wild)

Just back from the ballet. Angel Corella... wow! Great dancer, very handsome. Smiled the entire time. It was a really fun ballet too. I think I'm going to have to try to get the video or DVD now (different dancers, but I admired them in the other videos I've seen).

Oh, and it must have been the night for principal dancers to go because I saw not one, but three of them during intermission. Silly me was too shy to say hello though
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This entry was going to be called "how do you tag a butterfly?", but when I heard the above today I thought it was perfect.

Well, I went home this weekend. Last week mum and I had a debate about my grandpa and sport. I'd thought there was a picture in a book at home of him as part of a football team. Turned out to be Rover Scouts. My parents both commented on how much he looked like my uncle (or rather the other way round). Surprisingly I thought he also looked a little like Victor Garber. Surprisingly because the way I remember him, he's nothing like.

There was also a reference to one of my great aunt's many projects having been the tagging of a certain butterfly breed to study their migratory patterns. Hence the original subject of this post.

NGV International (part of the National Gallery of Victoria) is currently hosting an exhibition of Impressionist art. If you ever get a chance to see the paintings in real life, I'd definitely recommend it - they have a power much greater than that of the prints. The funny thing is that people kept on voicing my thoughts. One of my favourites works was by Camille Pissarro, where close up it was pretty, colourful dots and from a distance Peasants' Houses. Was thinking this as I walked into the Monet room and heard "globs of paint and yet from a distance...". And Pasie Sewing in the Garden (by Manet's SIL Berthe Morisot) - "She's almost transparent". Sometimes I think it could apply to me though.

Today I bought a ticket to see La Fille Mal Gardee. I'm going to be sitting three rows back from the stage on one of the evenings when guest star Angel Corella is going to appear as Colas.


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