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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

I saw a funny sight today. You know those inflatable Santas, etc? It's been wet and windy recently and I don't know what Santa has been doing to Rudolf, but he was stuck under a reindeer.
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You know you've been working too long/hard in palliative care when you read CREMATION instead of CONFIRMATION. You know you're really tired when you try putting your Metcard (public transport ticket) into the ATM instead of your debit card.

In other news I saw David McAllister (see icon) today. I walked into Borders to see whether they had any travel journals and thought that the person at the self-service search computer near the special orders/service counter looked like him. It was confirmed a few minutes later when I gave up looking in with the calendars and turned around to find him walking towards me in another section. I was too shy to say anything though, so I just smiled at him.

My travel plans for 2008 are progressing, but there are still a couple of things I wanted to ask about. Read more... )
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Just thought I'd update so you know I'm still alive.

I got here on Thursday morning after ~24 hours of travelling. Ended up going to the Citadel, Sultan Hassan mosque, a papyrus museum and the Coptic Museum, which was my favourite.

Friday I took the train to Alexandria and visited the mosque, Fort Qaitbey, Montezah Palace, the Roman Ampitheatre (and Villa of Birds) and the Library.

Saturday was the first day of the tour, but the only scheduled activity was a transfer from the airport to the hotel. I had to make my own way from the President Hotel to the Victoria Hotel though. The hotel wasn't ready for me to check in though, so I went to Saqqara and returned in the early afternoon. A group of us met up by ourselves and we ended up having dinner together.

Yesterday the group had to meet at 8am for the tour guides to give us information. Then we went to the Egyptian Museum to see Tutankhamun's treasures. We were given 45 minutes of free time to see the rest of the museum, but I think I shall go back once the tour is over. We also went to Giza. It was very hot inside the second pyramid, but interesting to see where Belzoni marked his name in 1818. There was a perfume shop a short distance from the Sphinx that we were taken to and I believe everybody bought something. Last night we had an optional dinner cruise with entertainment by a belly dancer and Whirling Dervish, which was amazing.

Today most of the tour group have gone to Alexandria, but I don't think they are seeing as much as I did. I went to the Abdeen Palace Museum instead, got my photos put on CD and visited a bookstore to look for the World Guide for Egypt. Now I'm just passing the time until we get picked up to go to the Sound and Light show at Giza.

You wouldn't believe the traffic in Cairo. Other than driving on the right side of the road there appear to be no road rules. And people just cross the road anywhere. It is also disorienting because there are a lot of one way streets and you travel in circles going places. I am proud to say I am getting used to it though.

Tonight we're catching the overnight train to Aswan. I'm not quite sure when I'll get the chance to use the internet again.
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If brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, what would a late lunch/early dinner (or tea) be? Linner? Lunner? Lea?

I haven’t updated in a while. Work has been horrid – am so sick of ED. Just glad that I’ve got leave coming up in a couple of weeks.

My Egypt trip is getting closer and closer. On Wednesday I took my visa application into the travel agents. On Friday I got my vaccinations. Now all I need is the travel documents (hopefully this week?). Is there anything that you think I might need for the trip that I can ask my parents to give me for my birthday?

Yesterday I saw Don Quixote, which was very enjoyable. What do you think of the poster for Pirates of Penzance that I saw in the Arts Centre?

poster )
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My new icon is of Larry, the first cat our family owned.

Does anybody know where I can find loose cotton clothing for my trip to Egypt in April? So far I haven't really found anything because it seems that almost everything is either sleeveless and/or revealing (the travel guides suggest that this could draw unwanted attention to yourself). I remember seeing a photo of Egyptian dresses, which looked to me like kaftans, so I was thinking that might be the way to go. Any idea where to look? Or other suggestions?
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In January I've got three weeks of annual leave. I'm planning on doing this Kiwi Experience itinerary, then visiting my aunt(s) and nana in the North Island. And if I have time and she's available, to visit one of my friends in Gosford.

In 2008, I'm thinking of locuming and spending six months travelling around the world.

Next year I think I've got five weeks of leave in April. Today I picked up some North America tour brochures, thinking that I might go and visit my brother. Now I've had the brainwave of going to Egypt since I'd like to go, but won't get the chance to when I go around the world (the flights just don't connect properly).

I'm just wondering how the weather would be if I went in April?
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Several months ago I told my parents that I'd like to go to Sydney for my birthday because it's the Saturday before the Lord of the Rings exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum closes. That was before I realised my birthday was also Easter Saturday. Whilst I was at home this weekend my mum brought it up, but we didn't talk about until they dropped me at the station when they said that it might not be possible to go because there will also be the Royal Easter Show on so accommodation may be difficult to find. Was just wondering whether Shem or anybody else knows whether it is likely to be the case?

It's just that the more I think about it, the more the plan sounds like a good one. One of my friends moved back with her parents, near Gosford, after she graduated and she said that I had to visit her. If I went up at Easter I'd have time to go and see her (provided she wasn't going elsewhere).


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