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When I looked at the paper this morning, I saw this article about some of the shopping developments in Melbourne. It reminded me that I was going to look for some pictures of Melbourne Central. Here's a link with a photo of the clock, which I'm sure I've mentioned before. I also found this site with before and after pictures. It's a pity I couldn't find any pictures of the other side because I was going to ask how you liked the red mirror image FLIP above the Elizabeth St entrance and whether the spots on the wall along Latrobe St reminded anybody else of the Tardis.

For some reason whilst looking, I found a picture of Victoria Hall, where I lived about 4 years ago.
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I just read in the paper this evening that there was a fire at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre this morning. My apartment building is right next door and yet I didn't hear the 12 fire/emergency units that attended the scene (according to the paper I first saw it in, which isn't online). Unless they arrived without sirens, I find that a little scary because it means I must have slept through it. And makes me wonder whether I'd sleep through a smoke detector going off. On the plus side, I know from my time living at college that the fire alarms do wake me up, so I guess I'd be safe while I'm here.

I'm pondering buying myself a sewing machine. It's been something I've been thinking about for a while actually. Usually when I want to sew something, I have to take it home and use one of my mum's machines. Since the one that works is currently set up in my room it's probably not that much of a hassle unless something happens to the machine that my mum has to fix. It'd be nice if I could do the sewing here, especially since there is more room for cutting out here and no cat to sit on the fabric. And I could get through the half dozen projects that I want to do without bothering my mum.

The one that I'm looking at is the Janome 415 for $299. The other possibilities are from Brother: the PS-53 ($339) and the XL-6050 (also $299?). I wanted to check them out before I purchase any of them, but I couldn't find them on epinions. Does anybody own one of them and would recommend it, or know where else I could find reviews?
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...two pigeons chasing each other in circles at the market

Bargain of the day - The Princess Bride video for $4


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