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I've finally got my replacement car. It involved a 3/4 hour taxi ride to get it, but at least I didn't have to pay for that.

When I got back I decided to see Enchanted. I've loved Amy Adams' work ever since I saw her in Drop Dead Gorgeous. James Marsden was perfect as Prince Edward (although he looked a little like Guy Pierce) and of course Patrick Dempsey as Robert.

The ending was somewhat predictable, but it was fun.

I liked the gowns that Giselle made out of Robert and Morgan's curtains, especially the blue one (see bottom of this page from Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes).
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A few weeks ago I bought the Becoming Jane DVD. As a fictional film it was enjoyable enough, but there was a lot of character assassination. And the ending doesn't quite make sense - Pride and Prejudice was published in January 1813 and Eliza died in April after illness so it's hard to see when that scene would have occurred (plus Tom Lefroy's daughter would only have been 11 in 1813). But anyway. One thing I like is the costuming, even though Jane seemed to be at least 5-10 years ahead of fashion. For example this dress of Eliza's (2nd from right) reminds me a little of this c. 1790 jacket from the Kyoto Costume Institute (just more widely spaced stripes and a narrower collar).

One thing that is missing from the region 4 DVD is subtitles. And I've heard that the region 1 DVD is going to have The Real Jane Austen as a special feature. If it's the same thing as I think it is it's a documentary narrated by Anna Chancellor (Miss Bingley in P&P2 and several times great niece of JA) with interludes of Jane and her family talking about herself or of things happening as they are described. Gillian Kearney plays Jane, Lucy Cohu is Cassandra (she's Eliza de Feuillide in Becoming Jane) and Jack Davenport plays Henry Austen. I may have to look into getting the region 1 version.
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This may be a stupid question, but with knitting is a row just from one needle to the other or is it up and back onto the original needle? It's been so long since I've knitted anything.

Does anybody know how to make cushions with piping around the edge?

And how would you go about making a peg apron?

I made one in grade 5, but can no longer remember how.

*yawn* Off to bed now.
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Our afternoon tute was cancelled today, so I made an expedition to Spotlight in South Melbourne. Unfortunately it is closing down, which is a pity because it seems closer than the one in Brunswick. I ended up purchasing the Kwik Sew 3294 pattern and a nice embroidered habutae in coral.

Just wondering how careful I would have to be about matching the embroidery? It's floral/leafy pattern in green/cream/fawn that goes across the fabric in lines almost.
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I just read in the paper this evening that there was a fire at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre this morning. My apartment building is right next door and yet I didn't hear the 12 fire/emergency units that attended the scene (according to the paper I first saw it in, which isn't online). Unless they arrived without sirens, I find that a little scary because it means I must have slept through it. And makes me wonder whether I'd sleep through a smoke detector going off. On the plus side, I know from my time living at college that the fire alarms do wake me up, so I guess I'd be safe while I'm here.

I'm pondering buying myself a sewing machine. It's been something I've been thinking about for a while actually. Usually when I want to sew something, I have to take it home and use one of my mum's machines. Since the one that works is currently set up in my room it's probably not that much of a hassle unless something happens to the machine that my mum has to fix. It'd be nice if I could do the sewing here, especially since there is more room for cutting out here and no cat to sit on the fabric. And I could get through the half dozen projects that I want to do without bothering my mum.

The one that I'm looking at is the Janome 415 for $299. The other possibilities are from Brother: the PS-53 ($339) and the XL-6050 (also $299?). I wanted to check them out before I purchase any of them, but I couldn't find them on epinions. Does anybody own one of them and would recommend it, or know where else I could find reviews?
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Not sure whether you noticed, but yesterday I deleted the post I'd made the day before, partly because it was a bit of a ramble and partly because I made some purchases that made most of it irrelevant. I was going to add this to yesterday's post but in the end I felt so tired that I just went to bed.

Spotlight was a little bit cheaper than Lincraft, as I had the feeling it would be and joining the VIP club made it cheaper still. I managed to pick up the Simplicity pattern and 4.3m of rose-coloured chiffon for less than $25 in total.

I've had a look at the pattern instructions, and guess what? View C is the skirt of view A. The only difference between them is that view C uses the extra fabric for elastic casing and view A uses it for the bodice. And for my size it's exactly the same yardage.

So I'm thinking that I may as well make view A, which I quite like. It actually reminds me of the balcony pas de deux in Romeo and Juliet, although none of the photos I've seen of that have the flounces on the shoulders so I might leave them off (not sure).

Whilst I'm talking about what they could be used for, it struck me last night that perhaps view B is supposed to be Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream. At least there's this photo in one of the studios at the VCA of a girl in a mauve dress with coral pink underskirt dancing with a guy with a donkey's head that I'm assuming to be Bottom. It could always be one of Titania's fairies, I guess?

I also got The Very Thought of You (or Martha Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence) on DVD for $9.90. Along with the Spirited Away DVD that I purchased earlier in the year it brings the balance of my nana's gift card down to $1.50. What could I get with that?
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At the moment I'm at my parents' place. I was down town this morning and during a downpour I went into one of the video stores. To begin with I wasn't planning on getting anything, but then I noticed The Importance of Being Earnest in the new weeklies section and Chicago. So I hired 5 (5 for $5.50), thinking "there's not much on TV tonight, I'm sure dad won't mind". It wasn't until I got home that I remembered that we're going to try an Indian restaurant half an hour away. I should be able to watch them by myself within the week, but I got Chicago half with the mind that my dad might like to see it.

Also got home to realise that I hadn't bought the fusible interfacing I need for a dress I'm making. Had to ring mum to see if she could stop off at Spotlight on way home from work. As I was sitting cross-legged on my parents' bed (other phone not working well), my cat decided that he had to sit on my lap. He was quite smoochy, so it was fine until I decided it was lunch time. He would not let me up. Bit my arm and wouldn't let go. My mum asked last night how something cute could be grumpy. I'm wondering how something affectionate could be so.


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