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Ok, so I was thinking of applying to some of the locum agencies so I'll have something lined up for when I finish my contract in February...

...then I discovered that my CV is on my old computer and starting from scratch is something I don't feel up to doing at this hour of the day. *sigh*
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You know you've been working too long/hard in palliative care when you read CREMATION instead of CONFIRMATION. You know you're really tired when you try putting your Metcard (public transport ticket) into the ATM instead of your debit card.

In other news I saw David McAllister (see icon) today. I walked into Borders to see whether they had any travel journals and thought that the person at the self-service search computer near the special orders/service counter looked like him. It was confirmed a few minutes later when I gave up looking in with the calendars and turned around to find him walking towards me in another section. I was too shy to say anything though, so I just smiled at him.

My travel plans for 2008 are progressing, but there are still a couple of things I wanted to ask about. Read more... )
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If brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, what would a late lunch/early dinner (or tea) be? Linner? Lunner? Lea?

I haven’t updated in a while. Work has been horrid – am so sick of ED. Just glad that I’ve got leave coming up in a couple of weeks.

My Egypt trip is getting closer and closer. On Wednesday I took my visa application into the travel agents. On Friday I got my vaccinations. Now all I need is the travel documents (hopefully this week?). Is there anything that you think I might need for the trip that I can ask my parents to give me for my birthday?

Yesterday I saw Don Quixote, which was very enjoyable. What do you think of the poster for Pirates of Penzance that I saw in the Arts Centre?

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