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Does anyone else have the plan that you'll check dreamwidth every weekend, but then you realise it has been a lot longer since you last checked?
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I took my computer in to be serviced a week ago and have just got it back today.

If the only browser in the task bar is Google Chrome, do they want me to use that or is it just that they hadn't bothered putting Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer there (they are accessible via the Start menu)?

If I am supposed to use Chrome, how do I import my bookmarks? I've tried clicking where it says import bookmarks and it says I've done it, but nothing is showing up. Is it just because I'm not signed into Google?
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Is there any way to view things on the reading page from more than 14 days ago?

I've just got back after ~16 days away and I'm wondering if I missed anything.
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Just wondering whether somebody could let me know when and where the Lizzie Bennet Diaries is going to be available again (I missed it the first time)? I stupidly didn't take note of the Facebook page.
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Was it Shem that likes Tom Hiddleston? Or Vals or someone else?

Just wondering whether they had seen the Kong: Skull Island trailer/ad? (I didn't even know there was such a movie until I saw an ad on TV).
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Does anyone know what happened to Austenprose? They used to update regularly, but there have been no new posts since the start of July.
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So this year for Christmas I'm getting mum lots of little things (it started with a huge pen from the Post Office). I bought a couple of $1 scratchies, but it occurred to me before I got home that they might not sell these ones at Christmas. Should I scratch them and buy more just before Christmas, keep an eye on what's available and scratch them when they're no longer on sale or give them to mum anyway and trust that they'll honour any winnings there may be?
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Happy birthday Shem!
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I had computer issues a couple of weeks before Easter, but only this week found out I needed a new one. Have I missed anything?
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Has anybody had trouble posting comments today? Or is it just me?
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Just wondering whether anybody has played it since the update in November? Is it now possible to marry Mr Digby for affection?

Also does anybody know how you can introduce Mr Ashcroft to Mr Curtis without Mr Curtis walking off in a huff? Is there a walkthrough telling you how to get the various achievements (there are some I still haven't got yet)?

That is all.
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Cookies obviously work very well.

The ad I was seeing was for the ABC shop and included a 10th Doctor figurine (not that I knew they existed before I saw that).
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Is Shem looking forward to the 9th of March (EzyDVD has Queer As Folk listed as among the DVDs coming out)?
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So you have to have a yahoo email to use flickr now? What happens to my old photos (from when I had a yahoo username, but not an email)?

ETA: Don't worry. I managed to get in by signing into yahoo and then going to flickr. I'll have to try just putting my username in when I next go to flickr itself. But I couldn't post a photo onto livejournal from there, so I'll have to wait until I've uploaded them all and then post a link.
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Just realised that I should have wished Sietske a happy birthday!
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Not impressed by the Russian entry appearing on my friends page. Probably because I don't have a paid account?


Nov. 16th, 2015 12:49 pm
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In a few weeks I'm going overseas, to San Francisco, Disneyland, then the North Island of New Zealand. I'm thinking of buying books for my iPad.

The two that I'm definitely going to get are:
The Secret of Pembrooke Park $8.60 (all prices are on amazon.com.au)
Pride & Proposals $3.99

Will that be enough, or should I get more? The others I'm looking at are:
Consequences $7.93
Jane Austen's First Love $13.76
The Persuasion on Miss Jane Austen $5.12
Follies Past $9.16
Suddenly Mrs Darcy $8.88
The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth $3.99
The Second Chance: A Pride & Prejudice - Sense & Sensibility Variation $4.24
For Elise $14.16

Are there any others that anybody would really recommend?
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Can't believe the news about Robin Williams. :(
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*looks about house* I wish there was a magic word that would clean up and organise everything.

ETA: And bookshelves/closets that never run out of room.
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Horrible news to wake up to.


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